Friday, June 23



I enjoyed this game a lot, but I enjoyed the idea more. It was terrific to see such a good idea taken to the next level with Loco Roco on the PSP.

Loco Roco has that friendly Zelda: Wind Waker art style about it that you can't help but smile as you play it. Loco Roco has definitely lived up to the idea that was obviously inspired by Gish, even if the Gish creators weren't able to, however that may be more to do with budget than anything else.

But still... there was something very cool about the nasty ball of tar that was Gish. Perhaps it was the way his eyes stayed perfectly level with the ground as his body moved around him. Or maybe it was his perfectly white fangs. Who knows? Gish was just such a damn cool character that I couldn't help but do some fan art for it (which is very rare for me indeed) ...

I enjoyed playing as Gish so much that I was also inspired to pitch in some suggestions for the game...

Unfortunately even with the pictures to help them they couldn't understand the ideas I was trying to get across. They saw suggestion 6 and thought I meant balancing on their heads was how you killed your enemies, which they pointed out was already in the game. Er... yeah! If only they read the little yellow writing I had with each image. Oh well.

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