Monday, March 2

My iPhoneCTO Interview

My iPhone redesign, called the iPhone ELITE (see previous post) was chosen by the website 9to5Mac as making it to their list of "10 Great iPhone designs". The website iPhoneCTO caught wind of this and displayed my design to flag the article containing the other nine. (Boy, how I regret putting that stupidly cheesy image of me on that image now). It seemed that my design resonated with the iPhoneCTO website mostly because of the slide-out keyboard I added. So much so it seems that they went ahead and asked me to do an interview for them- Wow!

My iPhoneCTO Interview: Part One & Part Two

I even mocked up a new image for them as well. (See above). Not too provocative to Mac fanboys, is it?

In the interview I talk about crazy future phones (check out The Pomegranate), a strange trend in people designing their own products (see Trendwatching's article on the people like me: Customer-Made) and what Apple might do to bridge the odd gap now created by their innovative designs which now divide the needs of consumers with the goals of the company.

It's a hoot. :)

NOTE: The last two links won't appear in the interview as none of the links I included in the original transcript of the interview appear on their website. I do urge you to check out The Pomegranate (for a laugh) and the Customer-Made article.

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