Monday, September 16

Save the Maui Dolphin


Paul Moss said...

Thanks Mat, that is basically how it is, an emergency. For several years some of us have been calling it MAUI's 111. Currently I am having discussions with many people from allover NZ and globally, with a view to forming some active organisations to get out there and protect the dolphins from the nets, 24/7, on the water. so far we have come up with MAUI'S GUARDIANS and OCEAN ANGELS, and we really see a need for a DOLPHIN ALLIANCE group. More and more people ware standing up ato work with us. I have created several groups, pages, websites as the infrastructure to support these initiatives. cheers.. Paul Moss

Paul Moss said...

TONIGHT. Please come to a dolphin meeting in Wellington? we need you. the dolphins need you.
We can have lots of fun with art and music and environmentalism and performance.. education and edutainment. We can try and save the MAUI'S DOLPHINS from an imminent EXTINCTION, by creating better protection for them, by raising public and government awareness.

We have many plans. we are all inclusive. we are about to create teams to make lots more things happen! come and let us know what you would like to do, what you would like us to do, any idea at all is good to hear.

As a group of groups, a network of networks, TOGETHER, we are well resourced and able to create and deliver amazing and stunning events that will be noticed again, as previously, by media and government. See you there: Southern Cross 7pm Wellington Tuesday 19th November ..