Monday, September 15

Open letter to all Kiwis

In less than 5 days you will be allowed to vote in a nation-wide democracy, as a New Zealander, about the future of your country. But you're also a human being, and as a human being you are not allowed a vote in any election about the future of your own planet. There is no way for you to vote at a global level because there is no global representative democracy. This is unfortunate because as we all face global problems, like climate change, we don't have a say in how these problems are addressed, or even IF they are addressed, at all.

Right now in New Zealand there is an incredibly well-articulated and highly effective effort to put the global problem of climate change on the national ballot- the Climate Voter campaign -however without a global parliament to give a voice, and a vote, to the people of the entire world many of these wonderful national efforts will remain trapped at their nation's borders and global decisions will continue to be made by an unelected few.

While I whole-heartedly support the nation-wide Climate Voter campaign, please let it and similar efforts point towards more far-reaching and ultimately more effective GLOBAL solutions such as the creation of a global parliament.

Let's start operating as one planet.  To help in the effort to globalise democracy go to

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