Wednesday, June 10

Do Us A Flavour!

Smith’s Crisps are running a competition at the moment called ‘Do Us A Flavour’. Simply come up with a new flavour for their chips (with an accompanying image) and you’re in with a chance. This is my entry…

When I first saw the competition ad on tv my immediate thought was Pumpkin flavour, which my flatmate watching it expanded to Butternut Pumpkin, which prompted me to think of Butter Chicken- the one I stuck with. I was then a little disappointed to see that on their website they have two guys thinking of joke flavour combinations (like Lettuce & Liquorice), one of their random suggestions being… Butter Chicken. D’oh! If my idea had only been that and not a sexy Indian chicken to go with it I would have abandoned the idea, but I carried on regardless- mostly because I genuinely think Butter Chicken would be a great flavour for a potato chip, but also because I wanted to experiment drawing in Flash- something I've not done before. I like the result, I think it’s pretty funny, I learnt a few things on the way, and it was fun to do, so whether anything comes of it or not, it's now a new post for my blog. Huzzah!




Bombi said...

That is easily the best entry I've seen for that competition so far!

As I understand, that front page of Smiths is a compilation of ideas already submitted by other users. If that's the case, and two people submit the same idea, I think the superior artwork would get the foot in the door.

Did you follow the similar Doritos Ad competition at all? This is a particularly good one that was made by one of the folk from my uni.

Mat Brady said...

Bombi - Thank you so much! :) I hadn't seen that Doritos ad. That was hilarious. Thanks for commenting. Cheers.