Tuesday, May 11

HOPE Tanning Lotion

There. My hat is now in the political ring.

UPDATE: There's plenty of reasons why I feel this way, some of which verge on the comedic (like appointing a fat, ex-Burger King advisor to the position of Surgeon General) but this image is for Omar Khadr, a 15 year old child, both shot in the back and shot in the head (which he lost and eye from) when being "detained" by the US, has remained in Guantanamo Bay without habeas corpus for 8 years, which included abuse of torture, who has now- out of desperation for some kind of freedom -is now pleading guilty to war crimes.  This is two years after Obama promised to close Guantanamo, and didn't.  How's that Nobel Peace Prize feel right about now, Mr Obama?  Weighty, I bet.

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Johannes said...

I like it