Sunday, February 27

YouSuck - A program I'd like someone to make.

After the slow boil we've all experienced of YouTube's increasing persistence to prod their ads into every orifice of their site as they can, I think it's time for someone smarter than me to code a local program to cut out their annoying bullshit.  That's why I created this...

Here's my blurb to it:  (It's on the image as well)

Take only what you want  ...and leave the rest on the internet
Wouldn’t it be great
to watch YouTube videos
again and again
without having to download
the very same videos
again and again?
Or download the video again
simply because you resized to fullscreen?
Fuck, that’s annoying.
And wouldn’t it be
not to see absolutely
any ads anymore? the ones that pop up
5 seconds into it.  Oh yeah.
Whoever thought of that little gem
is a major ass hat.
And how about removing all the comments,
and the buttons, and the view counts, and all the rest of the bullshit?
Well, now you can, with YouSuck.
Take only what you want ...and leave the rest on the internet.
YouSuck is a bullshit filter.

Run the program and it will read
YouTube’s html code without
downloading anything.
YouSuck will then download
only the movie
to your local hard disk
for you to watch
once its downloaded,
 and then anytime after.
When the space on your hard disk
reaches 20 GB* the oldest
movie gets written over, and so on.

If there’s a movie you want to rescue,
 simply drag it into the column beside it.
It’s that easy.

YouSuck allows you to download or
access any YouTube feature you want.
Download only titles and movies,
or allow it access YouTube search engine.
It’s up to you, and that’s what’s cool about it.
And whatever you do download, you only download once
with no ads, no comments, no bullshit.
How fucking awesome is that, eh?
Go to and grab the motherfucker now! 
If you're a coder, and you like this idea, let's make it happen!

Here's a before and after (remember, the after has no ads, pop ups, or on screen comments)

(Before YouSuck)

(After YouSuck)

UPDATE:  If you're using Google Chrome, which I recommend, they have a terrific extension that goes some way in to solving the ills of YouTube.  It's called YouTube Options.


Erica said...

Don't know code from cod so It wont be me. But WELL SAID! hope someone makes it :P

silentdth said...

Cool idea, nice blog.